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Switzerland Boarding School

Switzerland Boarding School serve an international body of motivated and well rounded students who study and live in encouraging, inclusive academic communities where they learn about independence and responsibility-traditional values that help them achieve success at higher rates than private day and public school students in the classroom and beyond.

Switzerland Boarding School is accredited because of following criteria:

Attention to individual students – Switzerland Boarding School has small, but modern class sizes that enable teachers to engage every student in the classroom. Classroom settings are specifically designed to encourage student participation in active learning and eye contact;
Finest faculty members – the boarding school faculty have advanced degrees, which were gained in highest educational institutions worldwide. Researches show that 90% of our students report having well experienced teachers, compared to 62% of private day – 51% of public school students. 75% of Switzerland Boarding School graduates report being surrounded by motivating and encouraging counselors, compared to 71% of private day and 49% of public school students;
Quality of resources – student resources at boarding school – such as the PC and information library, theater facilities, athletic complexes, – are superior;
Challenging and college preparatory academics. Curriculums at Switzerland Boarding School operate at high standards. Students are pushed to ask questions, become interested, and engage in research for solutions in challenging problems. The high-quality academics motivate parents and their children to apply to Switzerland Boarding School. About 60% of students enroll primarily because of better education possibility. The academic results shows that 87% of our graduates are being very well prepared for college, compared to 71% of private day and 39% of public school alumni;
Broad and diverse Switzerland Boarding School programs’ offerings – course selections at boarding school tend to be quite diverse, have plenty of tailor made program options, and offer a wide range of topics. Whether you prefer a boarding school with deep educational traditions (which operates from 1874); or you choose a family atmosphere school, which offers British, American and Swiss programs with the emphasis on family values; whether you are looking for modern, ultimate pro-American education for your son/daughter or you believe in an international network school which prepares students for American, European and Canadian universities after the completion of English/French programs; and finally, whether your choice is a pro-British boarding school, which excepts pupil from 3 years old to 19 or a school which is specialized in elite and protocol studies, Switzerland Boarding School has to offer a broadest education in a true meaning of it;
Athletic and extracurricular options tend to be broad as well, which encourage students to try new things. Boarding school students use their time more productively than private day and public school students. Our children spend about 6 hours per week on creative endeavors like performing music and painting in Switzerland.
College counseling departments at boarding school are generally well-staffed and taken seriously. Counselors often have plenty of experience in helping applicants identify appropriate school and advising them on getting-in at competitive institutions. 41% of Switzerland Boarding School students say that their guidance counselor was very helpful in exploring college options, compared to 23% of private school students and 13% of public school students;
By mid-career, 44% of our former students achieve positions in top management, compared to 27% of private day and 33% of public school graduates.
Switzerland Boarding School is brilliant education providers which aim to maintain academic excellence, leadership, responsibility and honesty among the students. We have an explicit mission to not only educate students in the classroom, but to also help them become better-rounded individuals and great artists, attentive financial advisers, creative business owners and entrepreneurs in international arena, or in Switzerland.
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German: +41 79 769 33 59
Fax: +41 21 963 23 18

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