Montreux Comedy

Le Montreux Comedy Festival se tient cette année 2023 au Théâtre de Beaulieu pour célébrer le rire, montrer sa puissance, sa formidable expressivité, son incroyable résilience.

C’est tout le symbole de cette expression : LE RIRE PLUS FORT QUE TOUT !

Du 8 au 18 novembre 2023, venez faire l’humour!

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Paru le: 02/12/2019

Montreux Comedy Festival English Gala

True to the previous editions that we’ve hosted over the past few years, the International Gala in English is back with some of the hottest comedians from all over the world. It promises to be another epic celebration of the truly universal language of laughter. Catch this unique comedy experience on Friday the 6th of December, 8.30pm at the Auditorium Stravinski, 2m2c. The full line up will be announced in due course but tickets are now available for the early birds! Trust us… if you miss this… you’ll miss out!