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Construit en 1933 dans un style moderne classique et entièrement rénové., le BnB Belalp est situé à 150 mètres de la gare Montreux – Les Planches. L’établissement propose une connexion Wi-Fi gratuite.
Les chambres et les suites sont design et toutes climatisées. Elles offrent pour la plupart une vue magnifique sur le lac Léman.
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Paru le: 24/08/2015

La recette du VRAI pesto al Genovese

Bonjour, voici une recette donnée par nos clients duBnB Belalp qui viennent de Genova ! A savourer sans demi-mesure ! 
Dear Veronica et Yves,
I haven’t forgotten the pesto Genovese recipe:
I am going to send you two different recipes: it depends if you wish to use “hardest way” ( the marble mortar and wooden pestle), or the easiest (electric mixer).
Both recipes have the same ingredients:
4 bunches (60-70 g. in leaves) of basil
30 g. pine nuts 
45-60 g. Parmigiano Reggiano cheese grated (freshly prepared)
20-40 g. Fiore Sardo cheese (Pecorino Sardo) –if you don’t find it just add more Parmigiano.
1-2 cloves of garlic (some people don’t like it, so do as you wish)
10 g. Salt (coarse sea salt is better, but you can use also fine salt, be careful to taste the pesto and see if it is ok before adding more salt – Parmigiano and Pecorino are aged cheese and are already rather tasty)
60-80 cc. Extra-vergin olive oil, better if it is sweet and fruity aroma
Let’s start with the marble mortar and wooden pestle:
1 wash the basil leaves with cold water and leave to dry on a dishcloth without rubbing them.
2 use the mortar and the pestle to grid a clove of garlic together with the pine nuts.
3. Once they have turned into a cream, add some grains of salt and fill it with basil leaves.
4. crush the basil leaves using a gentle rotating movement of the pestle along the walls of the mortar.
5. when the basil seeps a bright green liquid, add the cheeses, Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Sardo.
6. drizzle the Extra-vergin olive oil over the mix, perfect for uniting all the ingredients without overwhelming them.
Optional. If you like a more “creamy” taste you can add a spoonful of milk or liquid cream.
Please taste if it is ok. Pesto shouldn’t be too green (too much basil leaves) or too white (too much cheese).
If you use the electric mixer you can start in the same order, just putting together n.1-4 and then 5-6 .
Please take note that you can store in a small glass jar the pesto, but since it is difficult to prevent oxidation, pesto should be consumed by three days no more. And should be used cold, please don’t warm it in a frying pan, just add hot pasta an some spoonful of hot water on pasta.
You eat pesto with pasta (such as bavette – a type of pasta, a narrower version of tagliatelle or spaghetti) and add chopped boiled potatoes and some green beans , like you see in this link
Bon appétit
Anna Rita e Mimma